How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

If you have a problem with gambling on online slots, it can be extremely difficult to break the habit. But there are a few strategies that can help you get back on track. The first step is to remove yourself from high-risk situations and environments. This means steering clear of casinos, avoiding betting apps and never carrying large amounts of cash with you. You can also practice mindfulness exercises such as deep breathing to slow your thoughts down and distract yourself from your urges.

Another strategy is to try to find healthy replacement activities for gambling. This could include rekindling an old hobby, joining a new activity group or spending time with family and friends. It’s also helpful to learn to manage your time better. One way to do this is by using our spend calculator to identify how much you’re spending on gambling. You can then use this information to set budgets and spending targets.

You should also avoid places and people that trigger gambling urges. For example, if your regular route home from work passes a casino, consider taking an alternate route or cutting out television shows that encourage gambling. It’s also a good idea to talk to your banks about your problem, so that they can freeze your accounts and prevent you from withdrawing funds.

Lastly, you should address the underlying issues that exacerbate your gambling problem. A big part of this is challenging negative thinking patterns, such as the illusion of control and superstitions. These can lead to compulsive gambling, but they can be reduced by focusing on logic and reason.

Psychotherapy is also an important component of recovery from gambling addiction. This can be done in individual or group sessions and will provide a safe space for you to explore your deeper emotional issues that may have led to your gambling addiction. The therapist will also help you develop techniques for coping with triggers and changing harmful behaviors.

In addition to therapy, self-exclusion is a useful tool for curbing gambling. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including using a gambling blocking app. There are a number of options available, such as Bet Blocker and Gameban. These services can be installed on your computer or phone to help you stop gambling.

For a more permanent solution, you can also apply a block session to a website via the Freedom app. This will put an extra barrier between you and the gambling site, and it can be rescheduled for as long as you want. This can be a great way to stop gambling on online slots for good.